Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas To All!!

Well, it's not usual for people to reach the end of the holiday season and find a few regrets. As regards this blog, at least, I can completely relate.

Christmas is my favorite time of year...all things comic books are some other favorite things...and I had big plans to entertain you with an assortment of instances where the twain meet. Some I'd even prepared on my hard drive, so I'd be ready when the Move was through.

But alas, the transfer of services from old household to new hasn't gone as smoothly as I'd anticipated and it will still be another week before we have telephone or internet access from our new digs...and so many of the things I'd planned will have to wait another year.

Still, it's been a terrific holiday, and as you can see, some of my favorite ornaments hang on our little Christmas tree this year.

And so, setting regrets to the side and looking forward to the coming new year, I join Diana in wishing each of you a Super Christmas, full of all the joy, peace, laughter, music, surprises, good company and great food you can handle!

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