Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Some Birthday Bat-Bling and Other News

Heigh-ho, everyone! Greg here with a report from the trenches. About the time of my last post here, I managed to mess up my back and shoulder pretty well.

(The multi-tasking of Christmas decorating at work and packing boxes at home seems to have been the culprit. Must write Martha to suggest she include a section on warm-ups and stretching before Decking the Halls in her next holiday issue.)

Because of that, I haven't been much interested in sitting in front of the computer for more than a few minutes here and there. And of course, there's been all the holiday parties at work (weee...) and that pesky business of moving taking up the rest of the time.

I am reading the last trade of 52 and enjoying it immensely. (Oh, Ralph Dibney, how we miss you and Sue already! And I have to say, I find the whole Black Adam storyline a little sad, really. I liked Isis and Osiris, and the redemption they seemed to be bringing Teth Adam and it's a shame that couldn't have lasted a little longer.)

This past weekend we rented a small truck and managed to move about three-
quarters of our Stuff to the new house. Here's a shot of the Collection in new digs, though certainly temporary ones, until we can take the time to settle in there a bit and figure out where everything's going to live. Because, Great Hera, 18 longboxes take up a fair bit of real estate!

Also, as I write this, it's one minute before midnight and the Big Four Three for me. Although technically, since I was born just before midnight on the 12th, I'm still 42 for almost 24 hours more.

As a result, remembrances and the occasional gift have begun to appear. A truly sweet custom, to be sure. And the bit of Birthday Bling which is deserving of mention herewith is this totally cool-ass Batman Tin Sign my pal Kelly gave me this afternoon! I think I already know where I'll hang this in the new bedroom.

The Batman wrapping paper was also quite excellent.

In fact, the contrast between the sign and the wrapping is interesting. The sign features the classic 70s Neal Adams Batman, with the logo which had been adopted from the TV series. This Batman is not quite as buff, though certainly still well-equipped, physically. His utility belt was more decorative than anything, and required that all the stuff he carry be super-miniaturized. And of course, there's the circle insignia "Bat-target" on his chest.

Contrast that with the more modern Batman depicted on the wrap. Here we've got a more muscularly well-defined Batman (check those abs, no?) and the more practical pouches and compartments of the truly utilitarian utility belt. And the bat-only black insignia. A completely different, but still classic looking Batman.

I say, let's love them both!

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