Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Super Birthday Bling!!

Great Caesar's Ghost, it's official.

Just moments ago, I turned forty-three. While the last couple weeks getting here have not been especially fun, today was a great day. More things moved to the new house. I can happily report some serious improvement with my back and it was a relatively delightful evening at work!

I have to add this latest gift to the list of blog-appropriate bling: "Superman: The Dailies, 1939 - 1942" from my dear friends Dana and Sara! I cannot wait to be settled into the new place so I can sit in front of the fire some snowy afternoon and page through this collection of newspaper strips.

I've read many of the comic book stories from this era, but haven't had as much exposure to what ran in the papers and I look forward to being educated.

And check out this back cover, with the second half of such a dynamic cover scene: More powerful than a locomotive!!

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