Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I Just KNEW It!!!

Today, the New York Daily News breaks the hot news that Barry Allen, the Silver Age Flash, will be returning on the final page of today's release, DC Universe #0.

Of course, DC's been teasing us about this possibility for several years now. After all, the first Crisis (on Infinite Earths) took him away from us...(tho Marv Wolfman has admitted he built a fail-safe into the story so as to bring him back, if interest dictated) makes perfect sense that the impending Final Crisis might bring him back to us.

Newsarama's carrying the story as well, of course...but I have my dear Mom to thank for this tip!! Thanks, Mum, you're the greatest!!!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Long Live The JLA!!

Check out this hot preview page from the upcoming DC Universe #0!!

I freely admit, I'm not quite up on my current artists in the DC stable. Is this Benes? I'm not sure. One way or another, I'm grooving on this image, which was released by DC this weekend, just in time for the NY Comic Con. If it is Benes, then I'm impressed at how everyone's bodies seem well proportioned, especially the women.

But I'm not here to be an art critic, only to drool over this image of what must be, again, retroactively...the original seven members of the JLA, along with the early Silver Age additions to that classic team. Looks like there'll be a history lesson for us in DC Universe #0. About time.

I'm not at the convention, and it'll probably be two years before I get my hands on the trade paperback for this and Final Crisis. But at least I have places to let my imagination run as I head back out to work in the garden.

Happy Earth Day! (Oh, and Happy Earth 2 Day, and Earth 3, and 4 and so on...!)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Fortress of Servitude, Maybe...


I don't even know what to say about this cover, except maybe that I'm sorry it doesn't appear in my collection.

; )

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Look, Up in the Sky!

I can't believe I'd never seen this one before! It's a European ad, from 1997. Just love it. Always wondered what Batman did on a Friday night...

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Great Krypton: Action #1 on Ebay!!

Here it is, the "mac-daddy" of all comic books right here...or maybe that's the great-grand-daddy...

Anyway, thought you'd like to know there's copy of Action Comics #1 currently inspiring bidding battle over at Ebay. For those of you who've been sleeping through all your lives, this 1938 comic book is the one that launched the famous Man of Steel himself, Superman.

The bidding started back on March 27th, so there's no danger of this being a sad April Fool's joke. The first bid was for $25, and I have no doubt that person wasn't passing out the bid URL. As of this morning, the high bid is $90,100 and there's still a day left before the auction closes.

So kids, grab your checkbooks and call your credit card companies to see just how much available credit you've got. Me, I don't think I could handle the responsibility...and plus, how much gasoline could this buy?

I can't help but wonder, do the Seigels have a copy of this already?

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Super Fool!!

The Joker takes over Metropolis in Action Comics #714, from October 1995.