Sunday, January 6, 2008

On The Twelfth Day of Christmas...

Hey, everyone: Happy New Year!

I know, I've been dormant for a while. I'm still sort of in recovery mode from the insane holiday season at work and the Great Migration which occurred in our home lives at the same time. But I thought this twelfth day of Christmas was the right time to address some thanks for two more bits of comic book holiday bling that came my way.

First up is this "JUSTICE" box set of action figures, which also includes the first issue of the recent Alex Ross limited series. I've not followed the series, except through online reviews and synopsi (is that the plural?!), but it sounds interesting. I did grow up with the Silver Age Justice League he's riffing on, after all.

I'm of two minds about Ross's art...sometimes it just takes my breath away. Other times, it seems it is too realistic. Anyway, I think I love it more than I hate it, and in any case, these action figures are tres cool...and I look forward to getting my new bedroom repainted and set to rights so I can get shelves up to properly display these and other comic book related stuff. After all, the Collection lives in there with me, too.

I've hesitated checking out the issue inside the set, since I want to keep everything safely in the box until I'm ready for displaying. I can imagine nothing more frustrating than being all ready and having misplaced a tiny golden lasso or green lantern power battery. So I can thumb through the issue and see if I'll end up being interested in the trade of that (I see the hard cover editions are out, but hey DC, any chance you'll collect it all in one nice, affordable soft cover for your less wealthy fans?).

Thanks to my good pal Kelly for gifting this in my direction!

And gratitude is offered, too, in the direction of my good friend Vickie, who gave me this cool Superman/Telephone booth Hallmark ornament. (Does anyone under thirty still know what a telephone booth is?)

This is a fun ornament, since it features a little "action", with Clark running in one side...

...and the Man of Steel emerging on the other!

I know this will look great on next year's Christmas tree, a fun addition to a growing assortment of hero-themed ornaments.

Odds are good, people, that I'll continue this delightful streak of laziness through January...but I'll try to pull my act together soon.

There are big things afoot, after all. Not only does it sound as though Countdown is getting more interesting as stories grow closer to their ultimate conclusions. I really enjoyed the 52 series (I finished the last trade during the height of the Moving, somehow...frankly, it may have kept me sane...), and look forward to seeing Countdown collected, as well. Meanwhile, DC's got lots of other stuff coming down the pike at us: Final Crisis and all the stories that will be a part of that.

Oh, and perhaps you've heard some internetal rumblings: something's brewing over at Major Spoilers. The forum has remained active during Stephen's hiatus, and you can visit there, so you'll be in the know when the big news breaks.

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