Monday, May 5, 2008

Off The Rails

If you're one of the big three heroes of DC's Trinity, then speeding locomotives can hardly make you break a sweat.

(And can I just point out: "64 pages of thrills"...for a f*cking dime!!)

But if you're the Golden Age Sandman and Sandy, even a loud truck can be a challenge!


Sea_of_Green said...

Somehow a "noise" truck just doesn't have the same OOMPH as a train. And what the heck is a "noise" truck, anyway?

Greg said...

Only those Golden Age comic creators know for sure, I guess.

It kind of looks like the trucks they used to use to drive through neighborhoods and bark for particular political candidates (I wonder if that was *as* annoying as television soundbytes...).

Bird said...

FANTASTIC collection of Wonderwoman pics! I LOVE how her face is drawn in the earlier comics, wouldn't it be great if they re-did her now with that sweet expression but with the newer powerful physique!