Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I Just KNEW It!!!

Today, the New York Daily News breaks the hot news that Barry Allen, the Silver Age Flash, will be returning on the final page of today's release, DC Universe #0.

Of course, DC's been teasing us about this possibility for several years now. After all, the first Crisis (on Infinite Earths) took him away from us...(tho Marv Wolfman has admitted he built a fail-safe into the story so as to bring him back, if interest dictated) makes perfect sense that the impending Final Crisis might bring him back to us.

Newsarama's carrying the story as well, of course...but I have my dear Mom to thank for this tip!! Thanks, Mum, you're the greatest!!!


Wonder Man said...

that's interesting. this series may be the biggest thing yet

Greg said...

Yah, well, that's what DC's hoping for obviously...and really, if they want to finish off the great Crisis saga once and for all, it really needs to be wicked big, eh?

Of course, Barry's return is likely to be only temporary (as he is foretold to have returned to help Wally in one of his darkest moments)...and since we've not actually SEEN him yet (I haven't seen the issue, only some preview pages online), I suppose anything's possible!