Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wonder Wednesday

Thought I'd tip you off to the five preview pages for Wonder Woman #20, over at Newsrama today. Another great story from Gail Simone, all new and fabulous art by Aaron Lopresti.

I love this scene with the wolves. When it started, I was worried it was going to be forgotten that she can communicate with them. Shame these guys didn't want to listen.

Interesting new look to Diana's togs, that's for sure. Metal panties seem a poor choice for the climate, though.


toxiferous said...

Wow, those pages are pretty great. Regarding the metal panties, I suppose she could make a new pair out of a wolf pelt now.

Sea_of_Green said...

Why am I suddenly reminded of that scene in the movie A Christmas Story, when the kid sticks his tongue on a frozen metal flagpole ...?

Greg said...

Sea, you've obviously trained your mind to go where it likes...and we are all the richer for it!!

Hmmm...tox, will she also need to find some indigo to dye the star pattern onto that wolf-pelt? And should she really be wearing something furry "down there"?

Wonder Man said...

I was worried about the wolves thing to, but the rest of it is good

Christopher said...

I just am not enjoying Gail's run like I want to.

Greg said...

Sorry to hear that, Chris. I haven't been purchasing the individual issues, as I'm generally a trade reader these days; only keeping up on the stories through places like Scans Daily.

It does seem a bit different than I had expected. I look forward to reading a full arc or two of story to see if it makes more sense that way.