Saturday, April 5, 2008

Great Krypton: Action #1 on Ebay!!

Here it is, the "mac-daddy" of all comic books right here...or maybe that's the great-grand-daddy...

Anyway, thought you'd like to know there's copy of Action Comics #1 currently inspiring bidding battle over at Ebay. For those of you who've been sleeping through all your lives, this 1938 comic book is the one that launched the famous Man of Steel himself, Superman.

The bidding started back on March 27th, so there's no danger of this being a sad April Fool's joke. The first bid was for $25, and I have no doubt that person wasn't passing out the bid URL. As of this morning, the high bid is $90,100 and there's still a day left before the auction closes.

So kids, grab your checkbooks and call your credit card companies to see just how much available credit you've got. Me, I don't think I could handle the responsibility...and plus, how much gasoline could this buy?

I can't help but wonder, do the Seigels have a copy of this already?

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Wonder Man said...

They should at least 2 copies at home