Thursday, March 6, 2008


I'm very excited to hear that the next weekly comic from DC will feature the heroic trinity of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. It's always so great to see these three working together...or trying to, anyway.

I lifted this image from Newsarama a couple of weeks back, but waited to post it here. I'm a little unsure of what I think of Mark Bagley's art: Superman seems to have the J. Jonah Jameson hair horns and Diana's got that uncomfortable Wonder Thong we've discussed at length.

I'm not even sure what's going on with Batman. Some say he looks constipated...but I suppose he might just be infuriated that the other two are insisting they pose for an artist's rendition.

Delighted as I may be that these three will be the focus of a weekly, I will still be going the "budget route", which is to say, I'll spend a year chasing reviews and scans around the internet and anticipating being able to finally read the whole story when it's released in trades.

For fun, check out this bit of advice to the creative team from Keith Giffen, who's been involved in both 52 and Countdown.

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