Saturday, March 8, 2008

Take The A Train

On this rainy day, we'll take a quick look at Green Arrow #104, from January 1996. Conner Hawke has picked up the Green Arrow mantle of his then-deceased dad, Oliver Queen and is on a cross-country journey with Eddie Fyers, in search of Connor's missing mother.

While in New York, Conner meets Kyle Raynor, recently chosen as the successor to Hal Jordan as the primary Green Lantern of Earth. Here's how well that goes:

Despite their differences of opinion (Kyle conjurs up a green motorcycle to help them chase the bad guys of the story, but Connor says he doesn't like it, so Kyle makes a green horse for Connor, and rides the ring-generated motorcycle himself.), they eventually work together and before the end of the story, they are indeed riding the roof of a subway in pursuit of the bad guys. A rare case of the cover artist participating in Truth in Advertising.

I also found there to be more than a fair bit of gun violence in this story, not just from the villians, as we expect, but also from one of the so-called heroes, Eddie Fyres...although really we can't categorize him as anything more than a semi-hero.

Still, since writer Chuck Dixon is on record as saying comics shouldn't be teaching kids about homosexuality, it's interesting how willing he seems to teach them about guns as a tool for problem-solving.

COMING SOON: Justice League Week!!

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