Sunday, February 10, 2008

Ralph Dibny VS. The Buffet Nazi

As I start getting myself organized for a return to regular blogging here, I came across this cover of Flash 112, from May 1960. In this issue, we meet for the first time Ralph Dibny, the Elongated Man.

Naturally, Flash and EM are initially at odds (there's that universal requirement about heroes battling when they first meet, before realizing their on the same side and teaming up together), but eventually, they solve the case and a great feast is thrown in the heroes' honor.

We see Ralph's powers give him the ability to make the most of the buffet. My question is this: where are the waitstaff in this picture?! I'm a catering director in my secret identity. On my staff we have a great waitress who is known fondly as the "Buffet Nazi"...and I just can't imagine Kathy being okay with Ralph's "boarding house reach."

In other news, you'll find a few new links added to the list, a few recent discoveries you may enjoy.

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