Saturday, February 16, 2008

Chalk Drawings

I've always been a fan of the scene from Mary Poppins where she takes the children into Bert's sidewalk chalk drawings for a Jolly Holiday in the pastel countryside.

So, when I receive an email forward from some e-pal or other featuring the work of Brit artist Julian Beever, it's always a good time. I bet you've probably seen his work--such emails seem to appear in my box with some regularity--once, maybe twice a year.

Beever does his chalk work with a skewed perspective that allows the images, when viewed from one particular angle, to appear to be three-dimensional objects in the world, to great effect.

Recently, my email netted me some fresh photos of Beever's work (at least some I hadn't seen...), including this two super-hero pieces.

So...I thought, just in case you don't have cool e-pals like me who keep you in the loop, that I would share them here, and encourage you to visit the website of Julian Beever, where you can check out some more and terribly cool examples of his work.


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