Wednesday, October 1, 2008

In Transition

Hi everyone. Sorry for the long absence. Back in early September, Owen and I split up and I moved out. I've got a great new apartment, but things are still a little unsettled as we approach the one month anniversary of tenancy.

Sorry to have left this blog fallow for so long. In advance of the move, I did get all the long boxes out of the house and they are currently in a safe, but undisclosed location. I have no worries for my comics' well-being...but sadly, they are not available for inspiration just lately.

As I finish getting the apartment painted and set up, I'll be bringing the long boxes home and then we'll be cooking with gas (I AM cooking with gas at this apartment, for the first time in years, actually).

Thanks for your patience with me. Meanwhile (heh heh...), please feel free to check out the other blog for progress on getting a new household and life set up and underway.

I hope you're having a super autumn!!


Jeff Wills said...

Empathy on the situation, and congratulations on the movement, Greg. Your comic edits conjur images of Bats using his grapple gun to hoist the couch to WW's fifth-floor walk-up.

Greg said...

Thanks, Jeff, for the empathy and the congrats!

As for the move, well, fortunately, it's not a fifth floor affair (sounds like you've helped with one of those, eh?), but anything more substantial than a simple wooden chair has to go up an aluminum ladder to the deck and then hopefully in that door.

Grappling hooks or super-powers could certainly have proven useful, as is so often the case in life!

Wonder Man said...

welcome back

Grabmale said...

The old batmanstuff is definitely the best. But theres a big batmanboom those days because of the dark knight.

Funny videos said...

The old batmanstuff is definitely the best.

James Haskell said...

Well good luck and keep your head up.