Saturday, August 16, 2008

Just My Imagination...

I've always admired Bill Watterson for his ability to channel the memory of life through the eyes of an eight year old. The way summer seemed to stretch on for eternity with nothing to do...although really, the options for entertainment are nearly infinite at that age.

Much as I love video games and television, I feel bad for kids these days who don't seem to get the opportunity to play in their heads, to explore the fabulous and ever-changing world of Imagination, or to get out there and play in the natural world, discovering bugs and ooze and slime and all the other good and bad things that make Life so rich.

To my "grown-up" pals, I hope your summer's been a great one. And I hope you get the chance to channel your internal superhero sometime before Labor Day comes around again.

Have a great weekend.

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Sea_of_Green said...

It HAS been a good summer, Greg. :-) Hope yours has been good, too!