Thursday, July 17, 2008

Vacation Doodle

Hey everyone! Sorry I've been MIA from this blogspot for so long. As usual, the Garden has been completely ruling my life. But you'll be happy (or disappointed) to know that I opted to stay home from a midnight premiere of The Dark Knight to make sure I got some posting done.

Nah, really, that's not entirely true: I only found out about the midnight show around 10 p.m., and there was little hope of my getting out of work in a timely manner to make the fantasy happen. I do plan to see it sometime very soon, though...I'm virtually a-tingle with anticipation.

So, Greg, I hear you asking, if you're not here to post a quick review of your film-going experience, why are you bothering with the blog? Well, my friends, as you may know, it's Doodle Week, as declared by Claire and Laura. Today's theme is Doodle Vacation, and I dug through my old journals and found a few things to suit the bill.

That up above was a late-night doodle anticipating a spring vacation (the bulb doesn't give that away, does it?) to Cape Cod back in 1994.

While I was away on that vacation, I did get to spend a little time one afternoon sitting by the harbor in Hyannis, where I sketched this lobster boat. I spent some serious time getting at least some of the details of the boat right, so perhaps it's more a full-on drawing than a doodle...but check the background. That is a totally doodled background.
Are you a doodler? There's still three days left to get involved. Check the link to see if you've got what it takes for the next days' themes.


Wonder Man said...

I use to doodle a lot in high school and college. I even started a comic book based on my doodles of amazon-ish team of women

Sea_of_Green said...

Wow, that's a darn good lobster boat!

I used to doodle all the time when I was a kid. I stopped doing it because I got tired of people always asking me to draw things for them. Pathetic, huh?

Mr. Sea doodles a LOT, though. :-)