Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Some Random Halloweeny-ness

Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight #41, January 1993.

(Okay, all you English majors can go ahead and take a breath: if "truthiness", than "Halloweeny-ness". Let. it. go.)

To celebrate All Hallows Eve, I thought I'd randomly dip through some of the titles I'm currently sorting from the Collection. Sure, The Spectre, or Sandman, or any one of DC/Vertigo's creepier titles might have offered some Halloween goodness, but those are already filed and would be more work than I've time for today.

Yah, Batman's an easy sell for this holiday with the whole Bat-motif he's got going on. But I was happy to find some Halloweeny-ness on some Wonder Woman and Superman issues, as well.

So, with no further adieu: a brief ragamuffin parade of Creepy Covers.

Wonder Woman (original series) #298, December 1982.

Superman: The Man of Steel #41, November 1994.

Detective Comics #662, Late June 1993.

Superman #66, April 1992.

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