Thursday, July 19, 2007

Ivy Did It!

Would that I could blame Pamela Isley for my long absence from these pages. It was however, Poison Ivy, which snuck up on me unawares in the garden around mid-May.

I'd spent the first 42 of my years suspecting that I might be immune to the stuff, considering the sheer number of times I've wandered unwittingly into great drifts of the Leaves of Three, without ill effect.

Suddenly, this year, poison ivy is my kryptonite. Go figure. They say global warming is responsible for the plant's new potency and is effecting folks who've never been bothered before, so it would seem I've become a global statistic.

The Garden itself, has also been drawing me away from the business of organizing the old comic collection...but that was sort of a given as spring turned to summer. Plus June's exceedingly busy at work...and the weather's so nice. I've hardly even been able to keep up with all the blossoms.

I have now had the chance to read the first trade paperback collection of "52", and even though I know where the story's going, what a great read. It's absolutely worth the wait...anticipating the second volume's release in a week or so (tho to be honest, more immediately, I'm all about Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows).

I am still trying to stay abreast of developments in the DC Universe/Megaverse, through the wonder of the Internet. It's a mess, frankly, but it interests me. Everything seems convoluted at the moment, but I really do have this feeling that they've got some over-arching plan for the next year...and that (beyond the Crisis of Infinite Crossovers weariness...glad I'll be able to find things bundled in trades in a year or so...)we'll find that everything makes sense...or at least suitably entertained us. They are, after all, just comic books, right?

(But Amazons Attack?! I'm reserving judgement there. I'm not exactly sure how I foresee this coming out so that it's not a public relations nightmare for Themiscyra. Thank the gods that soon we'll have Gail Simone showing us the way on Wonder Woman!)

There's so many good resources for following what's going on, but I've recently come out as being rather fond of Ami Angelwings. If you aren't reading her review blogs, I can only ask, why the heck not? Her "text speak" style takes a little mental translation, but then she's just great.

I don't know much about this Squirrel Girl, but I sure like what I see.

And I just love love love that she gets around in something called a "squirrel-a-gig"!! Chee!!

I'm interested by some of the more thoughtful discussion on the internet about DC's latest teaser image about the upcoming "Final Crisis". I can't help but wonder (I know...ha ha) about the possibility of these being dopplegangers from one or more of the 52 earths. You'll note I'm sure, as I have, that Diana's wearing the classic silver age high heeled boots here.

But to be honest, this image from the upcoming Justice League of America #14 excites me a little more. Somehow, it feels like many a cover from my childhood. Plus, I like the colors, particularly in the shadows at the top--shame they'll be covered by the logo.

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Ami Angelwings said...

Shouldn't DC wait at least a few years before having ANOTHER crisis? >.>

And doesn't a FINAL CRISIS mean that there can't be any more in the future? XD

I'm glad you like my reviews tho! :D I hope you dun mind that I'm cutting down on the number of books I'm getting cuz I feel sorta bad that it means ppl have less of an idea of what's going on :(