Thursday, May 3, 2007

Report From the Field

Alright, (I'm) back. The arrival (finally) of Spring has been distracting me from this blog (check over at the Midnight Garden for the details), as has the arrival of a busier work season.

I've been thinking about this blog more than posting here lately, as I continue sorting the collection. I've got some more longboxes now, so the progress is going well...there are so many titles, that I've been trying to subsort the like ones together.

And just how should I organize? Alphabetically? One of my goals is to have all the issues of each title in chronological order, so it's easier to reach and grab out a particular storyline for a re-read. But what of the business of the company-wide crossover?? Feggudaboutit.

I'm sorting by title, but then those are being grouped thematically. So far there's a box of just Wonder Womans (both of the first two volumes...the third run is still out for easy access as I reread the more recent issues in search of understanding.). Another box is home to issues of Justice League of America, Justice League (later JL International) and Justice League Europe (JL Task Force and Extreme Justice will just have to find other homes). After that, I get a little more creative.

The next box carries assorted Green Lantern titles, then Green Arrow (series and various minis)...and I'm currently trying to sort out other issues for quantity to see which other JLAer's solo title will join them in the space remaining.

Meanwhile, many of my Vertigo titles (Sandman and related, Hellblazer, Shade the Changing Man, Books of Magic, etc.) have fit comfortably into a fourth box.

As before, it continues to be great fun to see all these titles and try to remember the stories behind the covers (without stopping to look...). As it is, I've hijacked the entire run of All-Star Squadron (the WWII adventures of the Justice Society as chronicled in the 80s)for late night re-reading.

The other thing that's been delaying me is that in exploring the collection, I might've enjoyed doing so in the order that I entered the DC Multiverse, to kind of recreate that. But I'm not uncovering individual issues in chronological I'm not going to worry about that so much. Piece it together on your own, I guess, is the best advice.

Doesn't matter in the end: no matter what your approach to this stuff, it's nothing but fun!

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